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From Parts to Mock - Ups, Jewelry, Figurines, Artwork, Mold Masters and finished Products


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 3D Printing Materials

Manufacture high quality products in 55 of the best materials and finishes, from plastics to metals

3D Printing Fiber

Order finished products in any material or quantity


No matter the size of your business, take your designs from prototype to final manufactured product. Check our MATERIAL options

We can make one or make a million for you.

3D Printer

We can work from your print ready files and check them for printability in all possible materials.


Send us your professional, ready to go models to print or for optimization.  We deliver the finished product or pieces to your door or office.


Pure Prints Can model anything for you including any characters or products.


We specialize in making print ready 3D files to your specifications and there are lots of finishes to choose from depending on your needs and budget.  Check out the material choices below.

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 From product development to industrial 3D manufacturing, scaled to fit your business.

Pure Prints can offer you Cutting edge materials from the following industry Leaders:

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3D Materials - CE!L - hp logo.png
3D Materials - CE!L - Strayasys logo.png
3D Materials - CE!L - Carbon logo.png
3D Materials - CE!L - Ex One logo.png

Pure Prints can work from your print ready files or we can Design something for you.

We can print and dispatch your 3D Prints to anywhere within Australia.

The possibilities are truely only limited by your imagination.


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