Pure prints can Professionally Design and Apply Vinyl wrap Vinyl to any instrument to give you a complete new original look And will keep your instrument looking amazing.  It will come off easily if you ever need to sell your instrument in the future. The Vinyl will act as a sheild from scratches and sun discolouration.  Nothing is impossible so go crazy with the graphics, add your own style or band name.  Let us come up with a couple of options for you to choose from or you can supply us with your graphics.  Our specialist Design and wrap service will ensure that your Instrument looks great.  We can do a complete colour change or add different effects like Camo, Rock, Chrome, matte finish, fire, carbon fibre and much more. 


Are you getting sick of looking at your same colour Drums and you want to add some sass but dont want to upgrade the Hardware.  Let us Design some custom graphics that we will wrap on your Kit.  Either to upgrade the look or to protect it as soon as you purchase we can give you the exact look or colour your after.


We Can design apply custom graphics to your Guitar that will add protection like a scratch plate.  It will protect your guitar for resale and will peel off when you want to upgrade or sell in original condition. 

Wind Instruments

Maybe your instrument could do with a little flair.  The wrap vinyl will wrap around your instrument like a skin and will not damage the original finish on the instrument.

We can also come up with a design that will transform the look of your Instrument or brand it professionally.



Pure prints is passionate about using business as a force for good, supplying products we and you can trust.