DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing

Why Pure Prints?


 At Pure Prints we love our technology and innovations and we choose the latest state of the art in Textile print technology to give you the best results.  


 Direct to Garment Printing (also known as DTG or digital apparel printing is the latest technology in Garment Printing and allows us to Print designs directly onto t-shirts, garments and textiles.

 Direct to Garment printing is a direct descendant of ink jet printing. That means no screens, no mess, no thick plastisol ink–yet great detail and stunning color possibilities. 


 The way it works is a garments are pre-treated and heat set cured.  Then the garment is loaded onto the machine, and your design is printed directly onto the material using specially formulated water-based inks. The design is then heat set using a heat press. In the same way that your inkjet printer can print extremely detailed image, a DTG printer is able to produce photo-quality images on shirts that still have a soft feel.

 The ink also is more embedded into the fibers of the printed garment rather than just sitting on top.  We can also work in CMYK and RGB which is especially good news for designers.

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Our DTG are even better than ever and the inks are manufactured according to an exclusive formulation, to provide the best possible results. Our direct to garment inks are among the first direct to garment inks to not only carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification, but also be CPSIA compliant* to help ensure they are safe for printing on youth garments.


With the latest Technology it is no problem to print in full colour on Any colour Garments including Black.  We can even print white ink making more colours possible and look brighter on darker fabrics.


We prefer to DTG print on 100% cotton or natural fabrics and blends of no less than 80% Cotton but using a pre-treatment we can print on blends right up to 100% Polyester and Hi-Viz meaning we can print on most things including t-shirts, hoodies, polos, singlets, shirts, tote bags, denim and babies wear.

Because digital garment printing uses inkjet technology the print heads do not touch the fabric which means you can print over seams, pockets and zips with ease.  Our Australian made organic cotton t-shirts and 100% Cotton T-shirts are Sweat Shop Free and print better than most on a direct to garment printer.